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loo cahill

It's great to have such a large space for a bathroom This bathroom has a central bath which immediately gives a look of luxury. The glass divide screens the shower. There are no doors making cleaning easy and keeping the space wide open. Heating cost are high but then so is the wow factor.

What ever your style or budget a bathroom can be designed and installed by Harper Asprey to meet your expectation.



This compact bathroom has a dramatic colour wave to contrast with the white bath and pebble tiles.The contrast give an impression of luxury. It's inviting yet still low on maintenance. The tiles add interest whilst having a practical purpose. Hidden magnetic storage ensures that its easy to live in.


loo wall

This bathroom again has a long glass divide. There are no doors to leak. It looks fantastic but the glass ensures it is low on maintenance. The built in toilet systems provides an obvious shelf to extend behind the sink and allows all the plumbing to be hidden. Giving a clear and clean look.



The hardest part of design is to make the room practical and specific to your needs.An impression of space always includes fantastic storage and in this we excel.

Harper Asprey aims to make the room work for you and not the other way round.

Any style can be chosen and Harper Asprey will ensure the end product exceeds your imagination.


block sus

The main photo above.


Practical glass blocks replace the original window and increase function and the area of light. They give total privacy day and night without the need for a blind. This room is overlooked and the blocks give the perfect look and screen. The plain glass pane at this side of the bath edges the basin and gives a practical shower cubical without distracting from this fabulous bath.

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