First impressions............

simple gate

Gates come in all shapes and sizes and like any addition to a landscape must suit their surroundings. They give security and suggest what is to come. They come in all shapes and sizes. From the very traditional to the contemporary .  All saying a statement about the person behind them.

Gates, piers and walls can all be joined together for a more secure perimeter or just to look great.



In this home security at this point is not an insure and these imposing piers define the entrance to a substantial homeand give ahint of what lies beyond.





These gates invite you to enter to explore more of the garden. They serve no security purpose but are a feature in themselves and divide two parts of this garden.





top photo

This rail is a safety barrier which is both practical and stunning. The significance of its safety is lost in its beauty. It gives detail to a plain uninteresting area and draws you to the view beyond.

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