This pond has no movement which is perfect for the water lilly. Its home to a multitude of creatures and a regular waterhole and dining table to many more. The sloping sides make is safe for any creature who fall or wander in. As with all our designs it looks great too. This could be in the center of London or in the country. Wildlife will love it.


The still water attracts the dragon flies and the tall iris is a perfect plant for the lava to climb once hatched

dragon flyrosey

This pond shares its home with children. the pool is 5 inches deep. It attracts lots of wildlife interest. It is home to frogs, newts and toads with bathing birds and visiting hedgehogs and foxes.

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The larger a garden the less you have to do. It's all in the planning. Do not make your life complicated. Simple plans and planting ensure your garden is a pleasure not a chore.

scaffold bridgestepping stones

Both these waterfalls end up in a pool. One for wildlife and one for humans. A ozone friendly filter ensure that wildlife isn't harmed into he human pools. Human swimming pools can be planted and constructed to contain wildlife and still provide pleasurable swimming for the family.

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waterfallpool human

This decking area has a small still pool. Small still pools need to be planted correctly to ensure they are clear. A well balanced still pool need no filter just the right amount of planting.





Rocks end water are essential for any wildlife pond and make a natural and attractive impact on a garden. they provide homes and tables for a multitude of wildlife.



water pondaug front

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Often one of the first visitors to appear during spring to mate will be the frogs and toads. If you want to attract wildfowl and ducklings you should check out some of our Duck Real Estate. From floating islands to homes above the water. Also checkout the wildlife page. Wildlife Gardens



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