There is nothing natural about this woodland garden. The woodland is free from shrubs covering the ground. Thus preventing light at floor level. The absence of evergreens ensures light in early spring for all floor plants especially the bluebell. Careful planning and initial work can achieve a natural look to any garden and not be back breaking or costly to maintain

Ponds and Wildlife Gardens

acerWater is needed for all life and a water feature is a sure way to attract any wildlife. From a bird bath to a carefully planned pond the choice is limitless. We can plan the plants and design your garden for maximum enjoyment for your family and our native wildlife.

plants curveYou can have your own mini game park

The pool and acer above provides a home for a multitude of critters whilst the acer provided security for visiting birds. It looks good and attracts the wildlife.

It's not a case of just letting your garden get overgrow. Overgrown areas can cause their own imbalance As plants swamp an area it can engulf essential wildlife habitats for our rarer mammals. A well planned garden will attract the most wildlife.


red chairsThese chairs give a birds eye view of all the wildlife that enters this substantial garden, whilst clever planting of specimen trees ensure the wildlife gets up close and personal.

Wildlife gardens look natural and attract all types of wildlife. Whatever your style you can encourage wildlife, without compromise.



This simple drift wood provides home for an array of mini beasts and provides a perch for visiting birds. The dense hedging provides homes for nesting birds yet the appearance is neat and low maintenance.

All good wildlife gardens start with insects. The animals and birds that eat the insects are prayed on by larger wildlife and so on up the food chain. We can even help you build a badger set to help attract badgers. There is no limit to the possibilities .



This garden is teaming with wildlife but it's not all natural . Careful planting completes the look. Bring back our wildlife and start with your own garden.











This decking and pond has clean strong lines. The decking provided cover for much wildlife and the pond provided a home, food and water for a multitude of wildlife. The bars ensure that the wildlife can get in and out yet children remain safe.




With the right planting pool remain clear and abundant in wildlife.



koiEven Kio ponds can look beautiful and be wildlife friendly. They need careful planning and some hidden details.

The presence of Koi's will ensure your pool is free of most wildlife. However this floating island is safe and add interest. Galvanized Kio proof baskets and breaks can return the lily's and plants to your pool.

Harper Asprey sponsors wildlife conservation see for more details.


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